Customer Testimonials

"Craig just finished this work for me two weeks ago. We met two months before he began work.  His schedule was booked until then. My bottom line word for Craig is “Professional”. He wasn’t the cheapest nor the most expensive bid I got. It was his attitude that sold me and I still feel the same way after the work has been done.

He is very communicative and prompt and keeps his word. He estimated 5 days and it took 4 ½ days. What he did was remove a wall dividing the dining room and living room. This wall didn’t have a door but only a door opening. He finished and trimmed so there was no evidence of a wall before. This included wood floors and crown molding. He also removed two upper cabinets and soffit (sp) in kitchen and matched the new ceiling to the old seamlessly. The remaining cabinet was gouged in removal because of how it was attached to the others.  He refinished the end and it looks new.

In that new piece of ceiling in the kitchen he added two canned lights that match the existing ones and use the same switch. He matched the existing living room paint and painted half my downstairs that color and the sink area of the kitchen a contrasting color. I made a photo of the paint squares from home depot and emailed them to him for one color.  The other had to be matched from an old can of Lowe’s paint.

The cut in work was no doubt difficult with the bold contrasting color I chose, but he did a really good job of it. Every day that he came, when I arrived home the house was vacuumed and neat. No drywall dust was in evidence.  He laid a small tarp down on the floor and all his tools were tucked out of the way on this tarp. He called each day and reported his hours so I was able to track my costs.

I will work with him again as soon as I’m ready to tile the upstairs."

Dawn Lee, Financial Analyst

"Craig Campbell is my go-to professional for anything I need done in my home.  From bathroom remodels and painting, to sheetrock repair and chandelier installation, Campbell Remodeling has done it all for me. The quality of Craig’s work along with his candor and genuine concern for cost control positions him in a class of his own when compared to the peer group of DFW General Contractors. I would most certainly refer Craig and his team to any friends, family or co-workers."

Steve G.

"I love my kitchen renovation!  It has a completely different energy.   Craig and his crew were wonderful in their work ethics, ideas, generosity of time and energy, and doing an excellent job!  They went that “extra” mile to make sure it was all done correctly and to my liking.  I intend to hire Campbell Remodeling for more work."

Deborah S.

"Craig has completed 5 projects for us on our two properties.  We highly recommend him and plan on using him again.  Craig is a professional craftsman and very easy to work with."

Art and Peggy E.

"I cannot believe the difference new windows made in my 40 year old condominium! They are so beautiful, energy efficient, and quiet! It is a pleasure to see clearly outside – I am delighted. Craig and his crew were very professional and trustworthy – I left them a key so they could work while I was away at work. Thank you for the new update to my old property!"

Judy L.

"Remodeling can be a stressful process but with Craig, he gave our kitchen makeover 110%. He gave us suggestions to help us through the process and we trusted him in our home. He and his team were attentive to not only the details of the job but attentive to the family living in and around the daily construction. We will definitely work with Campbell Remodeling again!! Great people and great outcome!!"

Gina B.

"Craig Campbell and his team at Campbell remodeling have helped me transform my very ordinary and outdated master bathroom, into an extraordinary and luxurious master bathroom that I'm enjoying immensely and I'm proud to show off to my friends and family. Craig is a very dependable & punctual person to work with.  He really knows what to do & I'm blown away by the quality and the workmanship he has provided me. He is highly capable of undertaking complex remodeling projects and he delivers results.  I thank him every day when I step into my dream bathroom.  I am extremely happy with the final results and I feel very good about the investment I've made towards my house. I highly recommend Campbell Remodeling to anyone that is looking to do a major renovation and wants to have a reliable company to make their dream projects come true. Thanks Craig! I can't wait for my next remodeling project with your company!"

Shadan B.